The Anderson Tab

Administrative Assistance for Artists and Artisans

Who is Anderson?

J. Anderson

Freelance Administrative Assistant
J. Anderson is the Anderson behind the Anderson Tab. After years spent working in personal assistance, office management, and theatrical casting (which is really all of the above but with a lot of big personalities) I decided that it was time to put my administrative skills to work helping artists, artisans, and other creatives maximize their productivity. Not everyone needs admin skills, but everyone needs someone with admin skills in their corner.


- Calendar and Scheduling - Because we want to keep you on time and with your goal in mind.

- Customer Service (phone and email) - Because a quick and caring response establishes you as a brand that can be trusted time and time again.

- Database Management - Because we want you to be able to maintain the relationships you've created.

- Data Entry - Because you probably haven't even had time to start or keep up with that database.

- Social Media Management (FB, Twitter, Instagram, HTML email) _ Because it's 2016...

- Website Updates _ Because...well...see above. We don't build sites but we are happy to keep your fully functioning site up-to-date with all of your news and developments. If you need a site built...we are also happy to point you in the right direction.

- Shipping - Because what's worst and takes longer than going to the post office?

- Other - We understand that everyone has individual needs. Let us know what areas you need help in.


The Anderson Tab is available for both short and long-term arrangements. Payment is billed as a weekly retainer that may increase or decrease as your business needs evolve. All rates are set after an initial consult to gauge the scope of work required. The goal is always to provide you with top-notch administrative assistance at a fair price that allows you to continue investing in your growth.